Field of Notes Dreams

Field NotesPeeped this earlier today at Boing Boing, and I think I might need to get a set to see how Field Notes stack up to the competition. Looks like they might be a contender for the Back Pocket category I described in a post I prepared earlier.

Cool that the set comes with pencil and pen. To be honest, one of my biggest searches lately has been for a short pencil that won’t stab me in my immense talent when I sit down and it happens to be in my front pocket. The one here isn’t the answer, but perhaps they could get on the case? :)

Yeah, I know. I could just sharpen all my pencils into shorties, but surely someone can “design” a cool, short, lust-worthy pencil and make a nice pack out of them? Have you even seen anything like this? Link please.


  1. My friend Matthias just sent me this link for golf pencils.

    I could use them I guess, but I’m as much of a snob with writing implements as I am with the paper I write on. I want a section in the Art store that’s called “Stubbies”. And in this section are all the pens and pencils that have been specifically made for the artist on the move. High quality. Sex-amified. Short.

    But a golf pencil will do in a pinch. Or the ones from Pizza Hut, though I haven’t been there in over a decade.

  2. You could just design your own. All you need is:

    * a pencil you like
    * a knife, kitchen shears, razor blade, saw, etc
    * a pencil sharpener (optional)

    Cut the pencil into equalish lengths (3 or 4 pieces should give you a good snubby size–and some spares to keep in your back pocket, coat pocket, and ashtray). Sharpen a point on one end of each piece.

    Sure only one piece comes with an eraser, but that rubber sucks anyways (put an art eraser in your pocket if you need it). You could even cut up a nice high quality drawing pencil if you wanna get fancy.

  3. Brian’s idea is very MAKE-ish. I might give it a burl just to see the results. I’m sure I could fashion something that’s half way decent.

    The Zebra mecha pencil I would buy on the name alone. :)

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