Harvest is when I need you the most


“But that’s a whole ‘nother year.” Ah, stop your whining, Luke. Any Star Wars fan will tell you that’s soooo not Tatooine. Jackpot, nerds! It’s Mars, baby!

I’ve been meaning to post The Big Picture for a while, and today I’ve finally got my ducks in a row boat and they’re all quacking “stroke” together. It’s an awesome blog that shows you the news through the lens of a camera (without all the extraneous reportage). They pick a story and select the images that prove the old “worth a 1,000 words” thing. The photo above is from Martian Skies. Other features to catch my eye lately – Mississippi Floodwaters in Iowa (the photo below is from that collection), Sidoarjo’s Man-made Mud Volcano, and World Environment Day.

Iowa floods

HarvestIncidentally, Harvest is When I Need You the Most is the name of a book I saw on Drawn recently. Nine cartoonists take to their drawing boards to pay homage to the original Star Wars trilogy. See who the “harvest 9″ are at the site, and if you’re digging on the Star Wars fan cartoonery, you can order the book from there.

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