Taller than Trees stop motion

Taller Than Trees from Joseph Mann on Vimeo.

This must have taken forever. Kudos to Joseph Mann.

via Drawn

(don’t) Stop Motion

Don’t ever stop PES. This is awesome.

You’ve seen stuff from PES before. You have. Like this Nike spot, the human skateboard, and a fantastic short called KaBoom! The site is chock full of things to watch, plus a couple of “making of” vids.

Via Doobybrain

Optimus does Evo of Dance

Think of it as a loving tribute to the original Evolution of Dance (current views of that one =76,603,908). Hats off to patrickboivin for some stop motion goodness.

via neatorama

Stop Motion

The planning involved for something like this must be intense. Love the constant sense of create then change then create then change.

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