From the film PressPausePlay, “A film about hope, fear and digital culture”, and showing the bit where Seth Godin talks about how to spread an idea.
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Snagged embed from the animator’s (Stuart Langfield), Vimeo, but hat tip to youmightfindyourself

Just keep going. You got nothing to lose.

People are so interesting. That sounds dumb, but bloody hell. Humans. The way we can be engaged on such a base level and open up in ways that both surprise and astound. These are just random people on the subway, answering questions honestly and off the cuff. Seriously, our ability to lower our shields in a flash to reveal our hearts to strangers and share loose-leaf thoughts – it’s one of the joys of existence. It blows to doors off my brain. Yay, humans. That’s all I have to say.

(And then there are the assholes. But shepherd them out the back door if you can.)

Via Ebert

QUICK UPDATE: By the way, I don’t find the subway to be that depressing. There are times when I look around and think ‘what a cheerless bunch’, but others when you laugh with a stranger or talk about a book they’re reading etc. I’m more talking about the responses of those he spoke to. I wonder how intelligent my own responses would sound if put on the spot like that.

Hennessy Youngman “Art Thoughtz”

If you are not subscribed to Hennessy, I suggest you get on that (though be warned if you’re a little sensitive to bad language, you’re gonna blanch). Super watchable and kinda mind screwy, because although funny, they are some pretty sharp observations in there. How to make an art is another goodun. I don’t know why I love them. They just tickle some sad part of me.

Here’s an interview with him “Ali G With an MFA: Q+A With Hennessy Youngman” over at Art in America.

Prosthetic knowledge over on Tumblr got me hooked on him last week. And now, I pass the torch to you.

Stop motion mag cover

Explanation from Adam Voorhes

For this project I collaborated with illustrator Will Bryant to create a stop motion animation for Bluetooth’s publication ‘Signature.’ We incorporated the cover copy and the logo into the illustration and filled the cover with Will’s signature style. I love seeing a cover done organically, let alone being able to display it as an animation!